What is a Boudoir Shoot?

So what's a boudoir shoot all about? It's all about you!! A boudoir shoot can be anything you want it to be. You can wear baggy comfy clothes, sexy lingerie or nothing at all! Whatever your comfort level is take ease in knowing that no one will pressure you into taking any images you don't feel comfortable with. There are so many different reasons to have boudoir photos taken. Celebrate your body at EVERY stage!

One day you will look at (these) photos with much kinder eyes and say, ‘Dear God, I was a beautiful thing! -Moira Rose

Don't wait until you're "happy" with your body. Let us help you see you should ALWAYS BE HAPPY in your own skin.


What to Expect

Simply Boudoir isn't always about lingerie and sexy poses. Sometimes some of the most beautiful photos are the natural, carefree ones. Your favorite comfy sweater falling off your bare shoulder or you wearing your partner's favorite jersey can actually make for some very sexy photos.

We will style the shoot to match your personality. If you want your shoot to be super sexy and seductive, we can make that happen. If you want your shoot to have a more fun and playful tone, we can make that happen too. It really is all up to you. This is all about you! 

You will be provided with Hair and Makeup which usually takes about 1 hour to 1.5 hours. You will be escorted to the shooting area where only the photographer, her female assistant you and your guest if you choose to bring one.

Editing Images for the Boudoir Event can take anywhere from 2 - 6 Weeks depending on which event time you choose.. I will keep in contact with you and let you know where I am with sessions


Reasons for Getting Boudoir Photos Taken:

Boudoir photos make great gifts but most important they are a fun thing to do for yourself!!

  • Bridal Boudoir Photos: If you are getting married, these are a great thing to give your Groom right before you walk down the aisle
  • Boudoir photos make great gifts for pretty much any occasion!
  • Do it for yourself. It's a fun, liberating experience that will always allow you to remember how good you looked at any time in your life
  • Bachelorette Party: Doing a group boudoir session is a great activity to do at a bachelorette party
  • You will look stunning. There is no need to feel self-conscious during these shoots. We know every trick in the book and guarantee you will look your absolute best.
  • You get to buy lots of sexy outfits! Use this shoot as an excuse to treat yourself to something special. Go buy some outfits that you usually wouldn't!
  • It's a chance to feel truly glamorous for a day. This is your chance to be as girly and as over the top as you want to be.
  • Every woman deserves to have one photo of themselves that they look at and think "WOW! Is that really me?!"


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